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Happy Easter! A Message from the Pastor

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Christ is Risen! Christ is risen indeed!

Saint Benedict is known as the father of Western Monasticism. I would argue that he is also the founder of most all that is true and good in our western culture! (I would point out schools, artistry, hospitals, colleges, universities, orphanages, even the ethics of fair pricing!) In writing his "rule for beginners," Benedict insisted that the entire life of a true Christian ought to be one lived as though each and every day were a lenten day.

Here we are, in holy Easter and I am speaking of Lent!

Imagine, however, living each day in total offering. Isn't this what the Christian is supposed to do? What good are we to building up God's kingdom if we will not offer? Isn't it true that Jesus told his disciples to carry our crosses and follow after him?

To offer up to God our Father, through His only begotten and risen Son,
our works, our joys, our sufferings and trials, our hopes and dreams. Like Jesus, we make an intention of offering--of sacrificing everything--in a seamless and selfless act of love offered to the one true God. We make our offerings daily, as if each day were Lent. And Christians, we do it all for love of God and neighbor. Imagine the kind of world that might look like if we lived the Christian life?

But our world is not some utopian dream. No! our world is filled with enough trials to cause so much suffering that, if we would make an offering as we should, every Christian would truly be worth one's salt. If only we would remember to offer!

It is true, that through Jesus, who suffered his passion and death for each of us, God our Father now gives us, you and me, a way to make a worthy offering for the good of other souls. Suffering now has great meaning.

Think of this the next time you have a headache and run to the medicine cabinet for an aspirin. Take the aspirin, but don't forget to make your offering of the suffering first. This goes the same for any other trial, before we seek immediate relief, let's talk to God our Father and tell him that we are willing to suffer this or that affliction for the good of souls and for the good of God's holy Church. Doing all through the holy Name of Jesus, our true remedy.

Easter joy is ours, my brothers and sisters! This is absolutely true. Now, let us not waste our days. Let us live the truth of the Holy Gospel, which is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the gospel upon which Saint Benedict wrote his rule for Christian living.

Let us look forward to the joy of Christ's resurrection, which is, as Saint Paul reminds us, already at work in us.

Fr. Basil, OSB

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